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Support How To Save A Mountain With A Tax Deductable Donation

You can Support How To Save A Mountain by donating through Paypal
You don't even need to be a Paypal Member to Donate, all you need is a credit card.
You can donate as little as $1, but there's no maximum amount!

For a fully tax-deductible donation by mailing a check

What's the difference between donating to How To Save A Mountain by Paypal or by Check?

To you, as the donor, there is no difference. Your Paypal donation or a donation by check will have the same the same tax-deductable impact on your taxes. However, because Paypal charges the project a 3% surcharge on each transaction, if you want the most 'bang' for you contribution 'buck,' mailing a check is the best.
(explain this to me)

T-Shirt and Hat Dilemma

How To Save A Mountain has created a wonderful T-Shirt and Hat. They come in multiple colors, made with heavy premium cotton, the T-Shirt has our "How To Save A Mountain" logo on the front and our logo and the words, "I'm Saving A Mountain" on the back. We are trying to decide if we should sell them on the site or give them to donors. We also offer long sleve and jersey styles upon request, they're a little more expensive so email us and we'll figure out the cost for donors.

For now, if you donate $50 or more you will get a FREE T-Shirt, which includes delivery by USPS, or by one of us personally if you are local to Brisbane, CA. Email for more info about the T-Shirts or anything else.

For More Information about the Film, if you would like to Contribute, or just want to get in touch with us,
email us at info@howtosaveamountain.org